What Will Kevin Gausman Earn in Arbitration?

Kevin Gausman is the true ace of the Orioles and proved it in 2016 year with a great season. In a few weeks he’ll head to the arbitration table to haggle over salary with the Orioles. Over at Camden Depot I looked at which salary is the more likely outcome.

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Chris Tillman: What Would a Contract Extension Look Like?

Chris Tillman has been with the Orioles during their run of success since 2012. He can be a free agent after 2017, but the team has another year of contention after that. So at Camden Depot I work through a hypothetical contract extension to keep him on the team.

The Surprising Baseball Team that’s Most Similar to the 2016 Chicago Cubs

Yesterday at The Hardball Times, I used an algorithm to find which team throughout baseball history is most similar to the current World Series champions. The result may surprise you!

3 Bar Bets You Can Win About the 2016 Orioles Season

At Camden Depot I wrote about three team records the 2016 Orioles set and implore you to use this knowledge in the pursuit of free alcohol.

The Orioles Shouldn’t Trade Zach Britton

Over at FanGraphs I argued that the Orioles should hang on to Zach Britton through at least the middle of 2018.  He’s a dominant pitcher in a crazy-high market for relief pitching. He’d fetch quite a return. But the Orioles themselves are contending and need every win they can get right now.

Examining the Orioles’ Offensive Woes in the Second Half of 2016

The Orioles’ offense tailed off dramatically in the second half of 2016. At Camden Depot I found the biggest culprits and examined their “contributions” to this slump.

Why So Few Marginal MLB Players Got Qualifying Offers

Monday at FanGraphs I explained why teams were more reluctant to make qualifying offers to marginal players like Luis Valbuena, Colby Rasmus, and Brandon Moss this year as opposed to last year. Last year, marginal players adjusted their QO acceptance strategy; this year, teams adjusted back.

None of the marginal players I mentioned — Valbuena, Rasmus, Moss, Volquez, Saunders, Napoli, Holliday, Fister, Cecil, or Pagan — received qualifying offers.

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Instructions for the 2017 Orioles

Over at Camden Depot, I wrote 1,800 words about what the Orioles should do this offseason. My assignment was to help them build a competitive roster for $160 million. See how well I did!

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Why are the Orioles Overperforming their BaseRuns?

Yesterday at FanGraphs I dug more deeply into why the Orioles are overperforming their BaseRuns win percentage. They’ve done this seven years in a row. By analyzing all 450 team-seasons since 2002, I was able to find a few common factors.