Projecting Joey Rickard

FanGraphs’ Chris Mitchell maintains a player-projection algorithm that forecasts major-league performance from minor-league stats. Over at Camden Chat I interviewed Mitchell about the O’s Joey Rickard and found out what Mitchell’s algorithm has to say about him.

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Chris Davis is not a rally-killer

During last week’s podcast I chastised Chris Davis for striking out so much because doing so hurts the team in clutch spots. Instead of leaving that opinion to my gut, I examined the data over at Camden Depot. Turns out I was sort of right …

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Podcast: 2016 Orioles Season Preview with Camden Depot

Over at Camden Depot I participated in a roundtable with the other writers about the 2016 season. Site editor Jon and I discussed the infield defense, JJ Hardy’s shoulder, the increasing number of ground balls by the starting rotation, the power and strikeout tendencies of the offense, and more! We open the podcast; after us, other writers discuss other aspects of the team. 

Check it out!

One thing you’re missing about the 2016 Orioles

The Orioles are in the midst of changing how they run their starting rotation. Don’t believe me? See my latest article at Camden Chat to find out what everyone is missing about the team.

Bud Norris’ 2015 Struggles Weren’t Entirely His Fault

The outspoken righty had the worst season of his career last year, most of it with the Orioles. He ultimately was cut from the team and landed with the Braves on a low-salary, one-year deal. He made comments in the media blaming himself for the poor performance, but most of his struggles were beyond his control.

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Examining Ubaldo Jimenez’s Improved 2015

Over at Camden Depot I take a look at Ubaldo Jimenez’s improved 2015, specifically in how he improved his delivery. The funky righty worked hard in the offseason and it seems to have paid off. Hopefully those improvements carry over to 2016 and 2017!

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What Would an Orioles Rebuild Look Like?

After the Orioles signed Yovani Gallardo, it was clear they were in it to win it for the 2016, 2017, and possibly 2018 timeframe. This situation was made even more clear when the team (apparently, anyway) signed Dexter Fowler as well. In between the two moves, I wondered what it would look like if the Orioles’ plan failed and they had to rebuild.

Rebuilding has been all the rage lately, what with the Astros and Cubs making the 2015 postseason on the heels of a handful of rebuilding years. This past offseason the Phillies and Braves committed wholeheartedly to similar rebuilds, and the Brewers look to be heading in that direction as well.

The day before I posted the article, news of the Dexter Fowler signing broke. I knew that having my article post the day after this would mean I’d catch some flak for being a hater. And so I did. The day after my article, the deal fell through and Fowler re-signed with the Cubs instead. Welp.

After that move, my article hopefully looks less hateful and more realistic. Front offices must always have ideas for what to do when things don’t work out and they must be as rational as possible about these ideas. I don’t see my piece as being a hater; rather, I see it as being thoughtful.

But that’s just me speaking; I’m obviously biased 🙂

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Who Throws a Sinker like Chris Tillman’s?

In 2015 Chris Tillman introduced the world to his two-seam fastball. That’s a great pitch for an Orioles pitcher to have. Oriole Park at Camden Yards really promotes home runs, so keeping the ball on the ground will benefit a pitcher immensely. Not to mention the Orioles have a great left-side defense with J.J. Hardy and Manny Machado. Over at Camden Chat I used data and statistics to find other pitchers who throw a sinker similar to Tillman’s. Some of the names are quite interesting!

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Guest Analysis!

I’m kind of cheating with this one. Joe Sheehan is a founding member of Baseball Prospectus whose current venture is a subscription-only email newsletter about baseball topics. He recently wrote about the Orioles; I contacted him about putting his opinions on Camden Depot and he agreed. Thus this post was born, one that I take absolutely no credit for!

The Low-Contact, High-Power Orioles Offense

For my latest article, I analyzed the 2016 Orioles roster according to their contact and power-hitting abilities and created a scatterplot showing how the team’s hitters are distributed across these axes. It turns out Dan Duquette has a philosophy of some sorts. Check out the article here.