Mark Trumbo Stays Hot

Over at Camden Chat I explored Mark Trumbo’s stellar 2016 performance and talked about whether it will last the rest of the year.

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Mychal Givens’ Elevated Fastball is Just Okay

Mychal Givens has been nearly as good this year as last, but his ERA and win total hide the fact that he’s gotten worse in an important way. I dig into the data and posit that an adjustment he made may need more adjusting.

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What the Hell Happened to Brian Matusz?

Despite recent success as a reliever, Brian Matusz was doing terribly this year and never made it as a starter, so the news he was traded and then DFA’d didn’t come as a huge surprise. At Camden Depot I explore his struggles.

I think he’ll be back in the major leagues at some point.


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Examining Dylan Bundy’s Struggles, Promise

Dylan Bundy is the Next Big Thing for the Orioles. Because of injuries and contract weirdness, he has to be in the major leagues this year. And boy has he struggled.

But as I write at Camden Chat, he’s showing a bit of promise. Check out why I think so.

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Hyun-Soo Kim is Proving Doubters Wrong

Hyun-Soo Kim has been on fire to start the season. While his triple-slash line is a mirage, there are signals of real ability mixed in with the noise.

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Improved plate discipline fuels Orioles’ league-leading offense

At Camden Chat I examine how the Orioles have become far more patient at the plate. By chasing fewer pitches out of the zone, their on-base percentage has soared, placing them among the top offenses in the game. This approach contrasts wildly with their 2014-2015 selves.

Projecting Joey Rickard

FanGraphs’ Chris Mitchell maintains a player-projection algorithm that forecasts major-league performance from minor-league stats. Over at Camden Chat I interviewed Mitchell about the O’s Joey Rickard and found out what Mitchell’s algorithm has to say about him.

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Chris Davis is not a rally-killer

During last week’s podcast I chastised Chris Davis for striking out so much because doing so hurts the team in clutch spots. Instead of leaving that opinion to my gut, I examined the data over at Camden Depot. Turns out I was sort of right …

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Podcast: 2016 Orioles Season Preview with Camden Depot

Over at Camden Depot I participated in a roundtable with the other writers about the 2016 season. Site editor Jon and I discussed the infield defense, JJ Hardy’s shoulder, the increasing number of ground balls by the starting rotation, the power and strikeout tendencies of the offense, and more! We open the podcast; after us, other writers discuss other aspects of the team. 

Check it out!

One thing you’re missing about the 2016 Orioles

The Orioles are in the midst of changing how they run their starting rotation. Don’t believe me? See my latest article at Camden Chat to find out what everyone is missing about the team.