A Brief History of Me on the Intarwebs

So back in like 2003, right before graduating college, I created ryry-sound.net. The idea was to have a permanent home for all things DJ-related, because that was my main hobby at the time, so the “sound” suffix made sense. (I also didn’t want to conform to the standard “djname.com” site naming scheme.) I also didn’t want an email address tied to a specific ISP, since I was moving from Blacksburg to Richmond and knew I’d be getting a different ISP. It’s a good thing too, because about a year later I moved to Austin, then to China, and then back. ryry-sound.net saw me through all of it. It wasn’t the easiest domain name to remember, but dagnabbit, it was mine, and I liked it a lot. I used it to host information about upcoming DJ gigs, links to my mixes, and even had a small blog integrated, all though the CMS I used wasn’t really designed for that style of writing.

Then I moved to China, and I updated that site about once. I spent most of my time at this blog, writing about China-related stuff. However through it all I still kept the ryry-sound.net domain because it hosted my DJ mixes, even though I wasn’t DJing much anymore, and because it provided me an email address. Then around April 2008, I got a Gmail account, and began trading back and forth off of that and the ryry-sound.net one. Some people email me at one, some on the other, and some at both (even though they both funnel into one inbox).

Flash forward almost two years and I switch the site over from a DJ-related CMS to a blog-oriented WordPress installation. Then about a month later (a week ago, in fact) the site got hacked, an unfortunate result of my computer getting infected with a virus. The WordPress installation is unusable. I could erase it and start clean, which is what I’m doing. But I thought as long as I’m doing that, I might as well switch domains from the DJ-oriented ryry-sound.net to a more, well, I don’t know, all-topic-encompassing one. And one that’s easier to remember.

So after some thought, I chose this name. My name! And here we are.

All content I posted to the blog between early Dec 2009 and mid-January 2010 is gone from the ‘net. It’s still here on my hard drive, but there was nothing incredibly valuable to the world at large, so I’m not going to spend the time to upload the posts again. We’ll start fresh in this spot. For those who are still interested in my China blog, it won’t be making the move here. It’ll stay there (and on my hard drive as a backup).

Welcome to 2010!

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