Using My Photos

I’ve decided to release all of my photos under the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Sharealike license. Click the link for details.
It basically means you don’t have to ask me for permission to use any of my photos, anywhere, so long as you are not using them for commercial purposes, and if you change/mashup/remix/whatever-the-kids-call-it-these-days the photo, you release your work under the same license (or a similar one). You also must attribute the work to me (preferably with a link back to this site). And I’d appreciate it if you dropped me a line so I know what you’re doing 🙂
If you don’t meet one of these criteria and would still like to use my photos for some purpose, just drop me a line. I promise I’m a reasonable person 🙂
The license is specified along with each picture I upload to Flickr. I probably won’t be uploading many photos to Facebook anymore, as they don’t provide an easy way to specify this copyright information.
Not to sound egotistical but when you have a multi-thousand-dollar body/lens/flash/photo-development setup, your pictures become higher profile, and people might want to use them in places, because they look so much nicer than your typical point-n-shoot pictures. It’s a compliment 🙂

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