Chewie’s Watchin’ Ya

Aurora Plastics Company

My friend is the guitarist for Aurora Plastics Company, a noise-rock band here in Austin. He doesn’t like to be photographed, so when he plays, he plays as Chewie so the band can record its performance … and so I can tag along!!

I made wookie noises at him during this performance.

In other news, I have continued to do some photography work for Austinist. As such, I have a few photography gigs coming up:

  • Friday August 12th: Lions of Tsavo, Ancient VVisdom, and Baron Grod at the Scoot Inn.
  • Saturday October 1st: Kyuss, The Sword, and Monstro at Stubb’s.
  • Nov 4th-6th: FunFunFun Fest!
It’s a pretty sweet gig. I get to see great music for free and take awesome pictures.

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