What’s Going On?

Well …

Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple, triggering a flood of writing like this: I remember that I used to hate Macs. Especially when the first iMac came out. My girlfriend at the time was like “ooh, it’s pretty. I want one.” I, the former CS major and serious computer snob, was like “yeah it’s pretty… And that’s it. It doesn’t even have a floppy drive ferchrissakes!!”

Um, flash forward 11 years and I am typing this blog post on an iPad, purchased after falling so deeply in love with the iPhone 4. And it’s highly likely my next computer will be an iMac of the 27″, 8 GB RAM variety. Either that or a mac mini. Either way, it will not have a floppy drive!

I have started a program at work called Healthy Eating Every Day, or HEED for short. This means I am now one of those yuppies who talks about calorie counts and sighs “oh, but I shouldn’t” when faced with the prospect of eating a donut. In my defense, I am turning 30 in a few months.

Speaking of turning 30, it’s highly likely that my birthday (and New Year’s) will be spent in Israel. My cousin is getting married in Jerusalem this winter and I am attending. As a white, middle-class, suburban Jewish boy I do feel some regret for not having gone on the Birthright trip before I was 26. So this trip is as much attempting to atone for that transgression as it is seeing what the rave scene in Tel Aviv is like. “Disco, disco!!”

There will be pictures. Oh yes, there will be pictures.

Lost in all the kerfluffle was the fact that Rob Malda resigned from Slashdot the same day Steve resigned from Apple. Coincidence?

And finally, there is a little over a month left in the regular baseball season. I have been enjoying my ability, thru MLB.tv, to watch any out-of-market game whenever I want. I watch maybe 2-3 times a week, enough to justify the cost to me. I doubt I will purchase the postseason package … Unless I do! It can sometimes be tough to find friends who want to go watch games at sports bars, and I don’t like doing that alone. Just feels weird. And I feel like kind of a mooch just inviting myself over friends’ houses solely to watch the games.

As long as the Orioles avoid losing 100 games, I’ll be happy. And hopefully the Rangers make the playoffs. Anything to increase the presence of baseball in Texas.

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