Selling My DJ Gear

Wanna be a DJ?

I always told myself that I’d get out of DJing when it was no longer fun. I feel that time has come. I enjoy spinning when I do it, but the same rush just isn’t there. When I’m by myself it’s OK but not great. And even when I’m out at parties (the two I’ve played in the past 12 months), I feel like I want to rush through my set so I can de-stress and enjoy my time with friends that are there.

Not to mention that people generally don’t appreciate the type of music that I play, so there’s minimal dancing or listening going on. I find myself more annoyed at having to brush off requests for “hip hop” or “music with vocals” than joy at spinning.

Sure, I could hang on to my equipment and use it twice a year. But what is the point of that? The decks take up space, have to be moved from place to place, and represent some money I could get for them. I’d rather someone else have the enjoyment they bring than continue trying to muster up the urge to use them. I also have other hobbies and activities I’d like to focus on.

So here goes!

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