Pics from Israel are Up

The full set is here. Take your time — there are over 170 pictures. They’re not going anywhere 🙂 I recommend viewing them on black, which you can do by pressing L whenever you’re viewing a particular picture.

Here are a select few to get you going:


This was the last picture I took in the country! Fitting, I suppose.

Sima Looking at Something

My adorable first cousin once removed, Sima.

Dad Getting Religion

My dad getting initiated into the Black Hat Gang.

Dome of the Rock, Western Wall

The Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall.

Dome of Al Aqsa Mosque

The Al Aqsa mosque, third-holiest site in Islam.

Dead Sea Mini-Resort

A tourist spot at The Dead Sea.


Some people walking along the beach after sunset in Tel Aviv.


A yummy salad!! Look at all that feta.

Kite Surfer

A kite surfer on the beach in Tel Aviv.

Snake Path, Masada

The cliffs of Masada.

Hope that whetted your appetite. Now view the full set!


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